Goals of Miscarriage Memoirs

After my miscarriage, I was lucky (unlucky?) enough to have quite a few friends who were willing to speak to me about their own experiences with miscarriage. However, the topic of miscarriage is not one that is talked about nearly enough, and I aim to begin to bring light to the topic. Miscarriage is far more common than many people realize, myself included. I was shocked to see how many of my friends came out of the woodwork, and how few of them openly and/or publicly discussed their experiences. Was it shame? Sorrow? Lack of a comfortable, safe forum? I am not sure, but I hope this site will fix the latter and begin to help the former if they are factors.

This space is meant for everyone. I did not connect with the faith-based websites I found because I am not religious, but that does not mean that I will turn these stories away. Rather, I want to give everyone a platform to share their story, no matter the faith, religion, spirituality, or lack thereof.

As an intersectional feminist, I want to extend this invitation to everyone, regardless of sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, partner status, race, ethnicity, nationality, or religion, etc. Submissions from the partner of a person who has experienced a miscarriage and/or dealt with infertility are welcome, as are those from the family or friends of one who has experienced miscarriage and/or infertility.

If you have a story to share, please submit your piece to the google document, or email me. I will also be happy to share your works of fiction, poetry, or visual art (etc.) that you created as you managed your miscarriage or struggle with infertility.

Some quick community guidelines: please assume best intent, do not use bigoted language, and make sure your memoirs are true, or mark them as fiction. Submissions that do not respect the goals of the site will not be published, however, this does not mean that you can’t curse or blow off steam. Just don’t be a bigot while you do it! I reserve the right to delete comments that are not to this standard, but I will do my best to limit this to only the most egregious.

Thank you for your submissions, and let’s get this conversation started.


**Edit: I am not interested in making this page a platform for anti-choice activists because I do not want to alienate anyone from this page, so this highly contentious and politicized topic will not be addressed with this website (with the exception of total abortion bans and/or anti-abortion laws that are used to wrongly incarcerate women who have suffered miscarriages).


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