Call for submissions…

After having a rough weekend with unexpected pregnancy announcements and meeting a friend’s daughter who had the same due date as I did, I have decided to start a website featuring the stories, etc. of people who have been through miscarriage. Enough beating myself up about being happy but sad about for my friends’ pregnancies and children! We don’t really talk about this whole miscarriage thing a whole lot, and I think that should change. So I’m going to be the change I want to see in the world, dammit! 

I don’t want the only voice to be mine, so I’m asking for submissions for Miscarriage Memoirs. 

Submissions do not have to be comprehensive or even recent. Maybe you had a meltdown because your sister announced her pregnancy. Maybe you were able to help another friend through her miscarriage. Maybe you can provide a wise viewpoint because of the time that has passed since your miscarriage. Maybe you have had multiple miscarriages. Maybe you know someone who has one of these experiences–pass this link along! I will also accept submissions from the person’s partner–I will just post these submissions under a different tag. 
I just ask that submissions are true, or as close to true as possible (hence memoir!) or labeled as fiction. I’m also more than happy to publish poetry or visual art (etc.) that you have created as you’ve grieved. I am also going to link to studies and/or news that addresses issues related to miscarriage. 

There are some websites out there that attempt to fill this void–But the sites I found that were updated regularly were faith-based, and that was alienating to me as a person who is not religious.

My goal is to make this website welcoming to everyone, no matter the religion, race, ethnicity, gender, sex, etc. by welcoming all viewpoints, but not promoting one over another. Did your relationship with your faith help or hurt you during your struggle with miscarriage? Please submit!  Are you Jewish or Wiccan or non-religious and this has nothing to do with your miscarriage? Submit! Are you struggling with unique issues due in part to your gender or sexual identity? Submit! I think you get the point.

I am not going to sign my name to my stories, and I am happy to keep your names private as well if you like. Submitters can use this google form I created: or contact me at

I am the only person who has access to that google doc and who can post to 

Let me know if you have questions, and please feel free to share this call for submissions. 

Thank you in advance you lovely people! 

~miscarriagememoirs (MM)


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